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6 pcs 4″ Steak Knives Set

R479.00 / set of 6

A beautiful set offering knives with treated Polywood handles resistant to shock and high temperatures, also featuring highly resistant stainless steel blades for a perfect cut.

6 pcs 5″ Steak Knives Set

R359.00 / set of 6

The pieces have stainless steel blades, adding more beauty and functionality to your table. Tramontina’s Churrasco line features Polywood handles, which are resistant to shock and high temperatures.

8″ (20cm) Meat Knife


Natural polished wood handles add a rustic touch to the Traditional Line. The knives have a long-lasting edge due to the thermal treatment they receive. The shape of the blades and the thickness of the steel provide more durability and a longer life for the products.