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Lamb Leg Chops – 4pc

R131.95 / 4 x 200g

Large and meaty, leg chops are cut from the leg and can be identified by the crosscut section of round leg bone within the meat.

R131.95 4 x 200g

Lamb Loin Chops – 4pc

R115.95 / 4 x 125g

Loin chops are very tender and cut from the waist of the lamb, and they don’t have the rib bone.

R108.95 4 x 125g

Lamb Loin Roll

R399.95 / 2kg

The lamb loin, also called a saddle, contains meat from the three most prized cuts, equivalent to the T-bone, Porterhouse and tenderloin in beef. The loin meats are delicately marbled, with an elegant flavor that brings a note of luxury to any meal.

R373.95 2kg

Lamb Neck

R142.95 / 1kg

Lamb neck is a fabulously underrated and inexpensive cut of lamb. It is a tough cut that needs very long, slow cooking.

R127.95 1kg

Lamb Rump – Portion

R56.95 / 300g

The lamb rump is an individual muscle cut from the hind leg. When roasted and rested, it is very tender with a lot of flavour. There is a layer of fat and skin on the top which crisps up beautifully when cooked.

R51.95 300g

Lamb Sausage

R72.95 / 500g

Thin finely ground lamb sausage with a unique blend of spices.

R63.95 500g

Lamb Shanks

R99.95 / 550g

Lamb shanks practically melt off the bone when they are slow cooked, and are a popular menu item across the country. Lean on fat but big on flavor, the meaty shank is perfect for braising in a slow, simmering broth.

R90.95 550g

Lamb Shoulder Deboned

R172.95 / 1.1kg

Lamb Shoulder is a cheaper roasting joint than Leg of Lamb because the shoulder has more fat, and needs low and slow roasting to render it out. The fat in it, however, guarantees the meat will come out moist. It is cut from the upper part of the front leg.

R205.95 1.1kg

Leg of Lamb Bone-In

R659.95 / 4kg

Because of its impressive presentation, the bone-in-leg is perfect for any holiday celebration or special occasion. The bone adds both flavor and richness to the meat.

R599.95 4kg

Leg of Lamb Deboned

R444.95 / 2.2kg

The boneless leg is the leanest cut of lamb and the most versatile cuts of lamb for roasting whole in the oven or grilling in the weber.

R412.95 2.2kg

Rack of Lamb French Trim

R72.95 / 250g

An impressive presentation that is surprisingly easy to prepare at home, the rack offers versatility for entertaining. The rack of lamb is an icon of fine dining menus across the country.

R72.95 250g

Rib Chops – 4pc

R115.95 / 4 x 125g

Lamb Rib Chops are cut from a rack of lamb. They will have some backbone in it, plus most usually a rib bone. They are usually cut to have 1 rib bone per chop, though occasionally a chop will be missing its rib bone altogether.

R108.95 4 x 125g

Shoulder Chops – 4pc

R94.95 / 4 x 150g

In contrast to the leg, shoulder chops contain a higher level of fat and connective tissue, which when cooked slowly, melts away producing a succulent and deliciously tender result.

R94.95 4 x 150g