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Zenco Flavoured Olive Oil – Chilli Oil


“Love at first taste”, perfect match for those chilli lovers. Made from quality olive oil and a selection of the freshest chillies to bring about the perfect fusion of chilli and olive oil. It delivers a bit of zip from that chilli flavour leaving a pleasant buzz in your mouth.

Highly recommended for poultry dishes, steamed veggies, your complex salads and home-made bread.

Zenco Flavoured Olive Oil – Rosemary Oil


The most delicate of our flavoured oils. Rosemary retains its full flavour coupled with amazing aromas. This gives it an exclusive and refined taste that compliments every dish.

We recommend it for seasoning pastas, steamed fish, cold meats and selection of green leaf salads

Zenco Flavoured Olive Oil – Spicy Oil


“For that piquant flavour”, this infused olive oil is BOLD both in taste and flavour. The blend of spices evokes those unique and irresistible Middle Eastern aromas.

This Olive Oil is well suited for meat roasts both red and white. Also perfect for that weekend braai.