113 pcs Wooden Cutlery Set Renascença

R18,999.00 / set of 113

Add even more sophistication to your table with Tramontina’s incredible 113-piece stainless steel flatware set with table knives, high gloss and matte finish, relief detailing on the handle and wooden case from the Renascença line. The beautiful pieces have a unique design and beautiful relief detailing on the handles that make them even more attractive. This set offers a basic table service. Made of stainless steel, which ensures durability and maintains its original condition. The knives have hollow handles and tempered blades, are resistant to rust and have a durable serrated edge. Due to these characteristics, they don’t scratch the dishes. Includes a beautiful MDF wood case.


Pieces come in a beautiful MDF case.
Stainless steel, highly durable, maintains original features preserving the material’s appearance, hygiene and durability.
Spoons with symmetrical bowl and carefully rounded edges.
Forks with internally polished tines, perfectly shaped for the mouth, and with round edges for more comfortable use.
Knifes with tempered blades guarantees more durable cutting edge, greater resistance to corrosion and will not scratch porcelain.
High gloss finish.
Safe for daily use in the dishwasher.

Additional information

Weight 6.17 kg

Stainless steel


15-year warranty against manufacturing defects


12 x Cake Forks, 12 x Dessert Forks, 12 x Dessert Knife, 12 x Dessert Spoon, 1 x Serving Spoon, 1 x Soup Ladle, 12 x Steak Knife, 1 x Sugar Spoon, 12 x Table Forks, 12 x Table Knife, 12 x Table Spoon, 12 x Tea Spoon, 1 x Italy Salad Fork, 1 x Salad Spoon


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